Tommy Steele "America's Favorite Home Improvement Salesperson"

2007 and still Rockin more than ever in 2019!

 Tommy Steele has over THIRTY years of experience in the area known as direct or in-home sales.After finishing college with a degree in Soviet studies and a post graduate internship in music marketing, Tommy concluded that he could best spread the American ideal through promoting Rock and Roll music; thus deciding to forgo Law school or a career in the intelligence community. Beginning his professional career as a live music talent agent, Tommy rapidly learned how to "open doors" and close sales. Early in the 1980's prompted by his late night television habits, Tommy became fascinated with an ongoing advertising campaign for an adjustable bed. "I bet I could sell a lot of those things," he would often say basking in the late night, warm glow of the TV screen. This desire, coupled with the need for immediate cash for his fledgling talent agency, compelled Tommy to enter the world of in-home sales.    

Here is where this epic journey began. After traveling "all expenses paid" (Tommy paid all the expenses himself!) Within a 400 mile radius of his home, Tommy quickly learned that there is "no tomorrow" in the world of direct or in-home sales. This fact coupled with the innate fear and resentment present in the mind of many people (prospects) gave rise to the methods and theories that Tommy teaches today. Thirteen months after he began representing a consumer product Tommy learned about one segment of the in-home sales profession where the unit sale and corresponding commissions were higher: Home Improvements. While this initial fact was indeed appealing, the amount of technical expertise required mixed with Tommy's Liberal Arts background meant that he was in for some expensive lessons in the world of commissioned sales.

"When I worked with one of America's  leading retailers I learned about charge backs. This is where an  adjustment is subsequently made on a commission due to a greater than  expected installation cost. Fortunately most of my appointments were in  the evening so I had the time to go out on my installations and actually learn how the products were installed. This  ultimately made me a much less threatening salesperson, since I began  to take on the appearance of a polite installer/technician, not the  typical high pressure salesperson." 

In 1988 Tommy met the person who would serve both as his inspiration and later his mentor. Mr. Dave Yoho . I'll never forget the day he came to speak to our company. With the amount of charge backs I was experiencing  I felt like I must have absorbed the entire amount of his fee myself!  None the less what began as resentment became admiration and inspiration  during the course of Mr. Yoho's presentation. While I was impressed  with the skills displayed my associates, Dave Yoho could not only sell in the home but his self made upbringing also enabled him to travel in the company of America's Fortune 500 corporations. Personality, power and polish all in one person. This is the person who inspired Tommy Steele to speak, write and teach this topic. Since  that fateful day in 1988 Tommy Steele has shared his impassioned,  energetic yet sincere demeanor and his sharp witted humor with some of  the biggest names in the world of in-home sales, and addressed a variety  of audiences from sales  organizations, academic institutions, and government agencies and also  in the media (print, radio and television). Since the successful  launching of the internet's TOP RANKED "In-Home Sales/Home Improvement  Sales" training websites "Home Improvement Sales" &  "In-Home" "America's Favorite Home Improvement Salesperson" is  working on becoming "The WORLD'S FAVORITE HOME IMPROVEMENT  SALESPERSON"! America's Favorite Home Improvement Salesperson, Home Improvement Sales Trainer

Tommy Steele "America's Favorite Home Improvement Salesperson" America's Favorite Home Improvement Salesperson, Home Improvement Sales Trainer

Only in AMERICA, the best country in the world, would this have been possible!


THANK YOU GENERAL MOTORS & the U.A.W. (for getting me there and back!)
THANKS AS WELL TO THE FORMER SOVIET UNION (for providing the area of my undergraduate degree)
THANK YOU JIMI HENDRIX , RICK DERRINGER  and MICK JAGGER (for being such outstanding role models to me as a kid)
THANK YOU DAVE YOHO (for believing in me and for the INSPIRATION!)'s time to say....

For  anybody who has ever been told "YOU CAN'T DO THAT" or "NO YOU CAN'T" or  "YOU'LL NEVER AMOUNT TO ANYTHING" I would say what my late Grandfather  told me "stay in there and pitch boy!"  Never stop trying.
Les Brown said "You are not here to make a living but to live your making!"

 None of this would have happened were it not for the help and inspiration  I received from key individuals, family and friends.