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Avoid hiring the wrong person by using systems that identify the right person to hire as a home improvement sales rep. Wasting your valuable leads on "non-closers" only hurts profitability. Get the hiring systems that identify the closers you need.
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A difficult job can be made even worse when the objective (earning money) is discounted or blatantly ignored!
Sales compensation is an area that is wide open to 'employer abuse' or "non-payment of vendors".
Some organizations welcome new business/contracts and seek to install and compensate appropriately.
Conversely, other Home Improvement Contractors deliberately devise false costs and unexpected charges to defraud the sales rep of the compensation earned by completing the sale on a one call close!  As an independent contractor, the remedies available are often not practical for an individual to pursue, such as hiring an attorney and filing a lawsuit.

Many remodeling contractors realize this and act accordingly. Generally speaking,  the Biblical quotation, "by their deeds you shall know them",  or a more secular
"actions speak louder than words"
are often accurate indicators as to the legitimacy or integrity of a Home Improvement sales organization!

Some of the most well known Home Improvement Companies are the biggest abusers of salespeople. It is therefore up to the individual sales rep to make an accurate, realistic judgement about the benefits of working under such conditions! Other indicators of a less then ethical organization would be repeated pejorative (insults) about prospects/customers. In many cases the "company policy" regarding prospects,  where references are made about gouging or exploiting the customer are the very same policies used against the sales reps.

Remember the
nature of this work has many positive aspects, yet there is no assured protection or equity for the sales rep especially when working as an independent contractor on straight commission. Another issue is "splitting profits after cost" remember the actual cost of an installed home improvement project is determined by the Contractor!
For this reason  sometimes the Sales Rep who is working of a straight percentage can be paid more accurately.
Regardless of the compensation method, all payments are based on the profitability of the installed project.
This cost is determined by the Home Improvement Contractor with no outside audit or accountability.

Life is too short and this work is too hard to be abused in this manner......
 so here is some sage advice from 28 years and nearly THREE MILLION MILES DRIVEN....in this business:

* Find a decent contractor who is honest and cares about the community.
 *Get the best training available.
* Be the best professional you can be .

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